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jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016


Dentro de nuestro proyecto Erasmus+ hemos estado trabajando sobre una de las primeras actividades del cronograma de este curso, escribir un relato de forma colaborativa. De este modo, los alumnos y alumnas de Polonia iniciaron una historia que nosotros hemos completado.
Os dejamos el resultado final. ¡Esperamos que os guste!

It was a normal autumn day…

When Kate opened her eyes she realized the alarm clock in her mobile phone was off. She had just 5 minutes to leave the house to be on time for school.
She thought: I’m sure that Will played with my phone and turned off the alarm clock. What a fantastic start of the day…

Kate quickly got up and ran to the bathroom, she looked in the mirror and she was shocked by her untidy hair. She felt annoyed.
Then she hurried to get dressed but it turned out her favourite shirt was crumpled. Unfortunately there was no time to iron it.
She thought: „Horrible hair, wrinkled shirt – what am I going to look like today?!”

When she left her home she realized that her bike was missing. She knew that the bike was there last night so someone must have stolen it. She started to look for it. Suddenly she saw a man on her pink bike. ,, Stop!!! This is my bike!” She started to scream and run after the man to get her bike.

When, they both were at school. Kate shouted: “WAIT, please!” The man stopped and asked surprised: “What’s the problem? What’s the matter?” It turned out that Blake is a new teacher and Kate’s new neighbour. Blake explained that he took the bike because he thought that it was his wife’s bike.
He gave back Katie her bike and they both enterred the classroom.
Kate said to herself: "Count to ten and calm down, Katie!
Everything is going to be alright!"

 Suddenly the teacher tells the class:
.-Hello students, I am your new English teacher. My name is Mr. Blake. I have a very good surprise for you all. I think you are going to love it. The thing is, our school is going to participate in an Erasmus + project, and our class has been chosen to develop the project. The other school is from Poland. The name of school is Zory 17th.
The students were excited with the news.
Kate asked to the teacher:
. - What is the project about, Mr. Blake?
.-It is about encouraging your English abilities and learning more about Europe. We are going to do activities together, and we are going to travel around Europe.
The students couldn´t believe what Mr. Blake was explaining.

When Kate arrived to her house she explained the good news to her parents. She asked her parents if she could be part of the project.
Her parents said:
. – “You can be part of the project if you get good marks and help at home”.
At the end of the day, Kate thought:
. - Today has been a different day. Everything started in a very bad way, but by the end….What a wonderful day!.

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